10 Ideas for Having a Bar Outside

Tuesday, March 27th 2018. | Exterior

Living on the outskirts has its drawbacks, but also its advantages: larger houses, with more space and, probably, with garden. Have you thought about putting a bar outside? It’s not something very common, but when you see the result that the following images offer, you may change your mind. They are perfect for a family meeting or for a party with friends.

  1. A porch with a lot of life. A covered we have the barbecue and the area where you can give the last touch to the food. To delimit the area a large L-shaped bar with capacity for 10 people.
  2. Glass doors. We found a place reserved for food, with a table and two chairs, and a bar that communicates with the kitchen. They could not miss the concrete chimneys for when temperatures lower.
  3. A kiosk with everything at hand. An excellent garden with swimming pool, sun loungers with parasol and a cabin in the garden perfectly equipped so you don’t need to be in and out of the house.
  4. A well-conditioned enclosure. The stoves located next to the sofas create a comfortable atmosphere even in winter. To make the evening more enjoyable, a small bar with bar included.
  5. The magic of the crystal. The personalized design of the stools creates an innovative atmosphere. On the one hand, there is a bar area with wooden floors and, on the other hand, a resting space with grass.
  6. An original serving hatch. There are seats in the kitchen and in the yard to accommodate more people. Next door, we see an oriental-style relaxation area with seating and auxiliary tables upholstered in golden tones.
  7. A tropical hut. Outside is a bar, but inside contains a sauna. The lounger is just a few steps from the bar, so you can lie down and take a drink in the midst of this oasis of peace and tranquility.
  8. Bamboo in a backyard. The bar area has been perfectly integrated with stainless steel appliances and stools. The bamboo fibers from the roof protect from the sun while you’re taking something.
  9. Size doesn’t matter. Any corner, however small, is valid for a bar. In this example, they have coated a wall with bamboo and placed over a wooden envelope.
  10. Swings for seats. The wood and the straw that covers the roof are the only materials of this space where to ‘ balance ‘. There are also small stools made with logs.