3 Accessories to Renew Swimming Pool Design

Monday, April 2nd 2018. | Swimming Pools

Even for the swimming pool, over the years comes the time to do some restyling, to always guarantee an original effect and in step with the trends of the moment.

The availability of modern technologies, together with the specialization of many companies in the field of restyling, do not pose any limit to the realization of the swimming pool of dreams, the only aspect to be kept under control are the costs to reach that goal. Some accessories allow you to spend little and transform radically or partly the appearance of the pool:

Artificial Rock

With the artificial rock you have an extreme versatility in architectural design, to build waterfalls or fountains, perimeter edges or whole environments near the tub. The material used for the realization of the artificial rock is the GFRC (reinforced cement with fiberglass), a conglomerate consisting of Portland cement with siliceous sands and glass fibers suitably cut. The GFRC surfaces are obtained by spraying mortar and glass fibers in molds of the desired size and shape. This material as well as being economical when compared to natural stone, is fire-resistant, waterproof, easy to install and maintain and with an excellent resistance to atmospheric agents.

Greek Decorative PVC

The skimmer pool, with the passage of time tends to create on the liner the anti-aesthetic black line of dirt, at the level of the water. An inexpensive solution to solve this problem and give a new look to the tub is the use of a decorative PVC band. The Greeks, with a thickness of 1.5 mm, are obtained serigraphs the design on the liner. Their installation is simple and is done by hot air welding directly on the liner already installed previously. To simplify this procedure, it is sufficient to clean the liner thoroughly with a solvent in order to eliminate dirt and impurities.

Colored grids

The drainage grid of the pools on the edge of the tap in addition to covering the overflow channel decorates the contour of the tub. Being an accessory adjacent to the flooring, there are many colors useful to perfectly camouflage the grid with the floor. Grids with special colors such as wood and gold, of various widths (22 mm, 25 mm, 30 mm, 35 mm), rollable and curved, allow to contour any form of swimming pool.
Internal staircase