5 Basic Rules for Decorating a Modern Kitchen

Friday, May 4th 2018. | Kitchen

Decorating a modern kitchen might seem easy and simple, but it is a real little challenge that needs to be addressed in the right way. Are there any basic rules to furnish a contemporary space? Yes, just keep in mind five points that will help you furnish effortlessly and without mistakes.

Decorating a modern kitchen is one of the best alternatives you have today. A life full of chores and the little time you have in the house, many times they do not allow you to spend much time in it and dedicate the time it deserves. Technological innovations give us the opportunity to do everything we do not reach, and in this way we can dedicate ourselves to other tasks and activities.

Attention to complementary elements

The modern kitchen must be in everything and for everything: from the furniture to the colors passing through the complements. For this reason it is good that even chairs, table and any accessories must be characterized by clean lines and simple and well defined outlines.

Few furnishings

One of the features of modern furniture is definitely cleanliness and free clutter. This I also reflects in the kitchen, where you need to say goodbye to furnishings and accessories and opt for free shelves. Always opt for spacious and airy environments.

Focus on light

In modern furniture, light is a real piece of furniture and for this reason it is good to give the right weight during the project. Opt for pendant lamps, characterized by light wires and intense and energy-filled lights. Not to be underestimated, too, the use of LEDs-both flush and spotlight-especially in smaller environments.

The colors

In a modern kitchen, the colors must be simple and light. The shades of sand, the whiteness and the greys are the right choice for a contemporary decor. In addition, these shades will allow you to give more visibility to objects and complements with bright colors.

Space optimization

In a modern kitchen, optimizing the spaces, it is essential to furnish the space in the right way. Study the spaces of support in the right way and avoid filling the environments of wall units: A contemporary look needs airy and ample spaces.