5 Ideas for Bedroom Twins

Sunday, February 11th 2018. | Bedroom

Here are 5 ideas to decorate the bedroom twins. The parents of the twin children must face in a completely different way the design of the bedroom. If already in itself the arrival of a newborn baby in the house brings havoc, we can only imagine when the newcomers are two or more. But it is important not to be taken by the anxiety, because organizing with a little advance and planning carefully the spaces, everything will be resolved in the best way. Here then 5 ideas, from which to take inspiration, to furnish the bedrooms of the twin children, in a functional and welcoming.

The first thing to do, before you start decorating the bedroom of the twins, is to think about how to organize space. The functionality, in these cases, is really a must. Having everything in its place and at your fingertips will be a great help once the newborns arrive. The transformable beds are the most suitable choice: they must be rigid and safe, better if equipped with lateral bars, which avoid falling and suffocation. For the changing table, instead choose a nice dresser, medium height, equipped with many drawers, where to place diapers, wipes, talcum powder and whatnot. Another key thing, an additional sitting, where you can sit to nurse the children, without tiring too much. It could be an armchair or a sofa, depending on the space available.

After thinking about the purely functional aspect, you can dedicate yourself to the style of the bedroom of the twins. The baby room in classic style, is always very romantic and welcoming. Furnished with black wrought iron loungers, antiqued wood furniture and cream-colored walls: it will be beautiful!

Another thing to consider, to furnish the bedroom of the twins, is the sex of the two children. If it is two boys or two sissies no problem, but if it is two twins male and female? No problem. You can choose neutral colors or go well for both sexes, like a green or a yellow, or highlight the difference, choosing pink tissues for the baby and blue for the boy.

To give a vivid and original note to the bedroom of the twins, use the color. Children love it so much and always creates a fun and carefree atmosphere in every space. The yellow and blue combination is just an example: you play fantasy and find the chromatic binomial that suits you.