Apartments at Auction Price

Friday, February 16th 2018. | Apartment

But how terrible it is to have to go through the whole process of searching and acquiring an apartment. It’s actually a matter that a lot of us, independent people, have had to spend on more than one occasion. After seeing apartment after apartment, always the same answer to an inaccessible price: “No”. And in reality this is a problem that tires too much, especially if you know that every time time passes, the search becomes more desperate, and the possibility of finding an adequate, accessible property, shorter in the eyes of the irritated.

Well that’s something that at least in Palma de Mallorca is going to change. This is due to the combination of two measures taken by the central government through the Ministry of Housing, which has channeled the necessary assistance so that the rent of flats in this area can be realized more quickly. It is in the first instance a quantity of money that will be delivered to a construction company to carry out the realization of floors of 45 and 70 square meters, respectively which can be purchased between 233 euros and 363 euros. But this is not there, the housing plan Chac√≥n, by means of which are delivered 210 euros each month for the payment of rent to those who are between 22 and 30 years, and meet other certain requirements, in conjunction with the construction of these houses s, it will actually pay a quantity of 33 euros for the smaller flats and 153 euros for the biggest.

No doubt that the opportunity to find a property at only 23 euros per month is a real bargain, so they are only 45 square meters. Well the possibility of finding any property is difficult today for almost anyone, and even more so at a price as low as it is, which has been achieved thanks to the management of the Ministry of Housing on two fronts: the construction of more real estate and the help to rent them. So that young people in the area where this housing plan will be developed at first may be the first ones favored with the measure.

Now we just hope that there is a guide that will bring to the other localities of the country these apartments at low prices. Since not any real estate agency is going to carry out a promotion of equal magnitudes. That’s crystal clear, like water. Only the government can come to real estate actions of that type. Well, we’ve seen a breakthrough in development to favor the population. If some time ago there were doubts about the 210 euros of the plan of assistance to the rental of houses, now we see that it yields results, and even more when they add other measures that also favor to the people to acquire more easily an apartment. I just hope that this measure arrives soon to Madrid, because I am looking for an apartment and I do not have much money to spend. I hope it’s soon.

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