Basement: Here’s How to Furnish and Make This Area Habitable

Monday, January 22nd 2018. | Basement

The basement is an area of the house that is often overlooked. We have selected twelve images that can be inspired in order to transform and furnish this area in an original and without a doubt welcoming way. First of all, before starting any renovation work, it is advisable to inform yourself if you can do so and what are the regulations in force.

This is because, not in all the regions of Italy it is possible to create a similar project. Originally this plan of the house was used for the preservation of food and wine.

Then its function was expanded. Nowadays you can even live there. The basement is an additional environment of the house, which adapts well to every activity. You can adibirlo in a room to play your own hobby, in a study, relaxation area, cinema room and not at the last place in a place where to store the bottles of fine wine.

In fact, in the images that we propose, most are inspired by an environment dedicated to the preservation and wine tasting.

Of course, it is easy to guess that this type of work requires the expert hand of a professional. Cost is a key part of all the work. In short, it requires a very high amount of money to invest. The end result is therefore justified.

Imagine being able to welcome your friends, sitting comfortably on a leather sofa, between walls entirely in stone and a rustic atmosphere. Here is an example of a rustic design environment, featuring a high wooden table and many shelves for the ageing of the wine. The walls with exposed bricks give a more welcoming touch.

The rustic design is the preferred one and most used for the basement furnishings. But have you ever thought that you can create a cinema room? Yes, that’s right! It is a very easy idea to realize and only very few and simple devices.

First you have to freshen up the walls, the ceiling and the floor. In the pictures we present a style of modern furniture. To be comfortable you need a sofa, armchairs and a coffee table. Of course you can’t miss the television.

The last generation ones offer a very high quality of image and sound. How wonderful to spend the Saturday night in the company of friends, watching a movie in the basement. Have you ever imagined that?

But in addition to the preservation of the wine and the moments of relaxation, this environment could also be used as an office. In the proposed image, we have a basement used as a rustic design study. The desk and the wooden shelves are the furnishing elements that give the elegant look that the environment needs.

From the pictures and the small guide proposals you can realize that realizing such an environment is not difficult at all. Just observe some rules, have a very precise project, a lot of imagination, a lot of desire and time to devote yourself to DIY.

It’s up to you to decide how to use it and how to furnish it. The style will have to continue the idea of the local and the activities that will take place there. I mean, we have a lot of ideas. It’s your job to decide what’s right for you.