Bathroom Design Ideas Small

Wednesday, April 4th 2018. | Bathroom

Before you are in front of the choice concerning the furnishing of your bathroom design ideas you have the ideas clear. Then the work approaches, and you discover all the options available, the models, the finishes, the colors, the materials, the dimensions. And that’s where the dilemmas begin: What style to choose? And how to match the colors, according to what style? Will a large washbasin be better in support or one integrated in the top? The more you browse catalogs and sites The more it gets confusing. But there are bathroom furnishing collections that simplify life (and choice), like the one I present to you today.

We wanted to renovate the bathroom design ideas, or furnish the new house. We have browsed magazines for months, saved photos on the phone, we joined Pinterest even though before we didn’t even know what it was, we clicked follow on dozens of Instagram cool profiles looking for inspiration. We made miles by car to reach trendy showrooms or furniture fairs. Yet we still didn’t choose how our bathroom will be. In fact, the more things we see the more we go into confusion. Ever happened?

Very common situation! The more options we have the more we find it difficult to choose, because often an account are the aesthetic tastes, another are the family needs or the functional needs typical of a house. It would be better sometimes to have a single complete catalog within which to have fewer alternatives but that can solve every problem.

Do I have room for a freestanding bathtub or better to recover centimeters with a wall rest? Better booth in glass for the shower or close everything to avoid any splash of water? and style? What style do I choose? Something that is so fashionable today, but that it could get tired? Or an evergreen like the white/wood pairing that I know will always be elegant and timeless?

If you can not get out and you do not know how to choose between the various furnishing options you just have to reset everything and consider a collection of bathroom furniture that will give you all these possibilities within a single catalog. I present to you today pure, of Grandform. So complete and versatile that it is almost impossible not to find its perfect composition.