Beautiful Bathrooms with Classic Furniture

Wednesday, April 11th 2018. | Bathroom

The style and design are characterized first of all by its eclectic nature and, of course, this multifaceted essence takes life in the furnishing phase producing trends that seem to be the perfect meeting point between classic and modern. In particular today we want to show you through as many photos beautiful bathrooms with classic furniture that stands halfway between these two seemingly opposite style.

What is produced is a real fusion of characteristics and peculiarities that, balanced to perfection by expert interior designers, mark a perfect mix of styles and capture the best from both classic and modern.

These beautiful bathrooms with classic furniture show to perfection how it is possible to combine modern and essential elements, such as large glass showers with low flow shower-heads, tubs of multiple shapes and with free installation, with complements with a decidedly rustic flavor. We discover mosaic tiles, curtains of clear classical inspiration, predominantly wooden furniture and the presence of chairs and armchairs in retro style located near a mirror.

So here are many beautiful examples of design bathrooms, with furnishings between the classic and the modern, that seem to convey an idea of transition from the old to the new maintaining a certain class and elegance. If you are going to renovate your house, and then make sure that your old bathroom presents all the most modern and sophisticated comforts without having to give up the classic style you love, surely here you will find the right idea to do.

The entrance into this wonderful bathroom is through a solid wood door, with a warm colour and full of veins and special carvings. Even the brass knob, at the handle’s height, stands out for its unusual shape and high-quality invoice. And once you enter the bathroom it is immediately magic. The flooring made with planks of natural colored wood are the perfect base for the large furniture from the rough stone top, for the sanitary ware and for the other furnishings in wood.

A really delicious Idea seems to us to use an old wooden staircase – which has evidently undergone a process of restoration and treatment of the material – as a support for towels. The thin wall radiator does not subtract space developing vertically and therefore does not disturb the conformation of the room and is not invasive for the eye that looks. The yellow light bulb, finally, contributes to further burn the environment already in itself really cozy.