How to Choose Colors for Living Room

Monday, January 29th 2018. | Living Room

Painting the walls of your home is the most common method to change the appearance of the house without spending a lot of money on the purchase of new furnishings and each room can be customized according to the tastes of the person who will live. This rule does not apply to the stay that must conform to the tastes of all the inhabitants of the house, being the place most inhabited by all. So let’s see, with this guide, how to choose colors for living room.

Analysis of the pros and cons of the various colors

Paint the stay is very useful to transform this room according to our desires. But we should be very careful when choosing colors for living room, carefully evaluating what might be the pros and what the cons. The first thing to do, not to risk the wrong tint for your stay is to put aside the rush, reflecting carefully on the type of furniture and of course on our personal tastes, avoiding to mix in a completely messy colors and materials that Mal marry each other. That is, we must try to create an environment that, with the going of time, not tired.

There is a rule adopted by most interior decorators, the “60-30-10” rule. When we think about how to paint the walls of our stay, we should choose a color that dominates on the others for 60%, another that is present in the room for 30% and finally a last color that is present of the remaining 10%. Be careful though: all colors must match each other and be able to bond perfectly. A help could come by studying in an accurate way the color palette, trying to imagine the various combinations. The rule, incidentally, must be applied taking into account also the type of furniture we want to put.

Environmental Lighting Assessment

You have to carefully evaluate the brightness of the room. If it is a very dark compartment, by dint of things our choice will have to be focused on colors with light tones, so as to balance lights and shadows. If our stay is located so that the windows enter enough light and throughout the day, we will have the option to opt for darker colors, without exaggeration to avoid the risk of weighing down the appearance of the environment. In this case we could think of paint the ceiling completely white so as to break and light the room. This effect will be accentuated if spotlights are chosen as lighting.