Choose Electric Wall Fireplace

Friday, January 26th 2018. | Interior

Wall fireplace is now famous for modern family and home. As we know we always need fireplace because it makes our room feels warm and all people will feel comfortable when they stay in the room too. Traditional fireplace is now replaced with modern fireplace. You can find some types of modern fireplaces such as bio fuel, electric and also gel fireplaces. One of the best fireplaces is electric fireplace. Why you must choose this fireplace for your home?

Stylish Wall Fireplace

Most people choose to use modern fireplace rather than traditional fireplace because of some reasons. People finally use electric wall fireplace because it is stylish. This fireplace is available in various sizes and shapes too so you are free to choose one that is suitable with what you need. You can also choose fireplace that is fit to your wall.
electric wall fireplace for living room

Get Maintenance Free

When you use electric fireplace, you never need to think about wood pile and the ash from your fireplace again. It is easy to use. You just need to push the button by using remote control and then feel the warmth in your room. You should not think for several times again when you want to install electric wall fireplace in your home.

Exactly, what is an electric fireplace?

First and foremost is a decorative fireplace, but at the same time serves as heating support. In this sense it has the appearance of a real chimney, but with wood or fake wood charcoal, accompanied by the animation of flames and embers created by a lighting system, which gives the illusion of a real fireplace fire that surprises by its total realism.

Does the electric fireplace really serve to warm up?

Yes, but the heating function is supportive or complement, as could be an electric radiator. An electrical resistance is installed inside the electric chimney, which can be 1000 to 2000 W maximum power, which is accompanied by a fan that helps the heat can be distributed by convection.

Do you have a remote control?

Some models are sold with remote control to turn on and off the flame simulation or activate the heating.