How to Choose Kitchen Plan

Saturday, March 17th 2018. | Kitchen

When you choose the kitchen plan you have to match it with the rest of the room. It can be modern or rustic, but you should also think about how it is used. In addition, those who work in the kitchen know how hateful it may be to clean the plan so that before buying one is advisable to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages. Generally a good hob allows you to give a touch of elegance to your home. Reading this tutorial you can have useful directions on how to choose kitchen plan.


The laminate top is a fairly inexpensive solution; It consists of a reproduction of various types of wood. This type of plan can be purchased in various models; Also, to clean it just a cloth or a soft material not to run the risk of leaving rows. The laminate however is not heat resistant so it is not possible to rest pots or pans. Finally, in the edges is delicate and once it is chipped you just have to change it.

Solid Wood

As an alternative to the laminate top you can choose the one in solid wood. It is an expensive solution but it gives the possibility to furnish a kitchen in rustic style. Moreover, it is pleasant to the touch and the view for which it is recommended to make dough for sweets, pasta or pizza. The negative aspects are: it is easy to scratch and splinter it; If it is in contact with water, fire and steam it deforms.


Quartz is a material that withstands stresses due to impacts and incisions. It lasts over time, is not porous and is uniform; However it is quite expensive compared to the others and in time presents the signs of humidity. The steel kitchen top is used mainly for modern kitchens, restaurants or delicatessens. It scratches easily and the lines are no longer disposable; It is not possible to use abrasive detergents and care must be taken during machining.


Finally, a marble or granite kitchen top gives the kitchen a large amount of colors and makes it less serious. This material is porous so it gets dirty easily and often forms acid food stains that then make it dulling. These stains on the marble kitchen floor are simple to remove with special products, but this feature is definitely a big downside to marble or granite.