How to Choose Outdoor Lighting

Monday, March 26th 2018. | Exterior

Are you looking for innovative outdoor lighting solutions for your home? In the absence of light artificial lighting plays a very important role in the use of the garden.

An external lighting system is not only useful from a functional point of view, but also from the aesthetic and decorative one. In order to better prepare the outdoor lighting, it is necessary to carefully identify the areas to be illuminated, realizing some light points that enhance the whole environment creating the desired atmosphere. In addition, today the market is rich in low cost solutions that, in addition to being functional, ensure a great aesthetic performance with a minimum environmental impact.

How should outdoor lighting be?

Outdoor lighting must be efficient, but also balanced and discreet, chosen according to the characteristics of the environment to be illuminated.

The external light points must be carefully studied in order to enhance the strengths of the garden, creating contrasts or particular visual effects. In the absence of natural light it is necessary that the garden does not present dark areas that can create fear states, or make obstacles present not visible such as steps, holes and whatnot. Let’s see what types of lights are recommended for outdoor.

How to brighten the garden: what lights to choose?

The choice of the type of light to be installed in every area of the garden includes a very wide range of items of different types: from the ceiling lights to the lights, passing through an infinity of LED spotlights or solar energy.

Each type of light provides a different kind of illumination: Usually, you use the lights to illuminate an avenue, the spotlights to delimit an area like the edge of a swimming pool or to enhance a particular of the garden as a flowered flowerbed and design lamps for the lighting of a pergola reserved for lunches and dinners.

Alternatively, you can opt for a pendant chandelier or a row of lamps, but, generally, it is good to choose the type of lighting for the gazebo depending on the activity you perform: if the pergola houses a table to eat, the light must be centered on it; If the pergola is intended for relaxation and chatting with friends, it is good to orient yourself towards a softer illumination.