Choose Sofa: Tips, Styles, Colors and Patterns Perfect for Your Stay

Sunday, May 6th 2018. | Furniture

Soft or rigid, modern or traditional, colorful or neutral: the variants in play for the choose sofa ideal for the stay are really many, so we decided to give you some advice on which style, color and model choose for your home and the your relaxation. The sofa is, in fact, one of the main elements of the living area and that immediately attracts attention thanks to its grandeur.

The size of sofa

The first factor to consider when choosing a sofa for the house is certainly that of size and encumbrance. The size of the sofa, in fact, must be proportionate to those of the room in which it should be placed. This means that movements and passages should not be prevented by the sofa itself, even if it is opened for use as a sofa bed.

The color of sofa

Although we can think that the choice of the color of the sofa can depend exclusively on our personal tastes, even this variation can change the appearance of the room. For example, a dark color will make the sofa look larger and imposing, while a neutral tone will give the impression of a spacious and airy living area. It is good to choose the first solution in a wide and luminous room while the second one in smaller and cramped rooms, such as a studio apartment.

The fabric of sofa

Just like the color, even in this case personal tastes can greatly affect the choice of the sofa for our home. Yet it is good to know some small theme to not be found unprepared. For example, a leather sofa, classic and traditional solution, will acquire character with the passage of time, but it could annoy someone in contact with the skin especially in the summer season. The sofa in fabric especially if removable is, for example, an excellent alternative for those who have children and animals: it will be easy, in this case, remove the upholstery to wash or replace it.

The style of sofa

If once the style of the sofa could be modern or classic, today it is easy to come across many models and styles such as minimal and Scandinavian. Also in this case the style of the sofa must respect that of the environment in which it is inserted and of the whole house, yet there are small exceptions that should not be underestimated. For example, an increasingly popular idea of architects and designers, is to insert a sofa in classical style with leather trim quilted in a modern, minimalist environment.

What style, color and fabric do you choose for your sofa? Go from home planet, find the solution ad hoc for you.

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