All the Trendy Colors for Walls in House

Monday, April 30th 2018. | Home Design

The choice of colors for walls in house is essential to make the space harmonious and pleasant to the view and to the living. Choosing the white might seem the easiest and most convenient solution, but there are many shades that can give character to our home without forgetting what are the trends in design and furnishings.

As every year, even the 2018, has some nuances that will dominate colors for walls in house and that best will be married with those that are the most fashionable furnishing accessories of the period.


Intense, full of character and suitable for those people who are looking for a neutral shade, that you marry with everything, but without falling into the banal white. Hard coal should be used without exaggeration: better if on a single wall or background for a wallpaper with contrasting colors.

Millennial Pink

It is the color loved by the youngest and too often relegated to the children’s bedrooms. The rose, now better known as millennial pink, is what it takes for those looking for Scandinavian style, minimal and without too many frills. In the kitchen it will be that fun and effortless touch that should never be missed.


It also returns to the walls of 2018 the oil-colored, declined in both the blue and green sub-tones. Perfect for those who love the modern-classic style that combines sumptuous details such as velvet to minimal and rigorous details such as equipped walls made from floor-to-ceiling pullers.


A timeless color that never fails in the house: Beige back to conquer also for the 2018. Declined in peach color will make your home warm and full of excitement. Choose it in combination with the metal complements (such as copper) and the warm tones of wood.


For those looking for an colors for walls in house, warm and perfect in combination with a natural material such as stone, Bordeaux is what it does for your home of 2018. Choose it for the main wall of your bedroom: it will become the focus of all the furnishings and accessories. You will not regret it.

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