Constant Remodeling An Apartment

Wednesday, February 14th 2018. | Apartment

There are times when you meet people who do not see a good time and live things without having them planned. That happened to me when I went to the dentist last week for an endlessly annoying toothache and I found a cousin that I did not see several months ago.

I thought she was out of the country, because the last time I heard from her, I found out she was taking a plane to France, where she had to visit a friend who was a little sick and had not seen her since college. The thing is that I was with a great toothache and I had a hard time talking, so we understood half; She had taken her son to a consultation with the dentist, and his shift was first to mine, so after being served waited outside the office until I went out to go to visit her apartment.

Once we started to walk, because the building was not far away, the pain began to disappear and I could speak with a little more clarity. We greeted each other better and also wondered what we had been doing in recent months. Until we got to the apartment that I had just rented. The elevator was busy, so we had to climb up the stairs to the fourth floor where she was living. Her husband was still working so I couldn’t say hello. And she used to tell me that when I was alone, I tried to change the things of the apartment, a kind of constant remodeling, because he did not like that always looked the same way, “always the same flowers, always the same ornaments and in the same Places,” he said.

So as soon as he entered the apartment, he took a vase that contained still very fresh flowers and changed it. Doing the same with other ornaments that were all over the room. What hardly ever moved were the armchairs, for they were a little heavy for her. However, every time he had the opportunity to do so, he did so, because that was also part of his habit of making changes permanently. I asked him if his son and husband had anything against it, or if they took it naturally, and he said that as he always did, his son took it as a natural thing, and that he had even adopted a little “that mania, or custom.” And that rather her husband had been reluctant to so many changes at home. At first he did not say anything because he thought it was something of the first days of the move, but when he finally saw that it was almost daily, he expressed his dissatisfaction. And she had to explain to her that she couldn’t stop doing it because it was her custom.

By the time he finished telling me all that, the house I came from was gone and everything around me was totally different. I could tell what my cousin’s husband should feel when he came to a different place every day. I realized it and also how late it was; I was late for an hour to meet a co-worker and I had to run. Time had flown.