4 Ideas to Decorate a Modern Basement Part 1

Sunday, February 18th 2018. | Basement

Having a private space at home (real private), sheltered from the mundane noise and in which to achieve peace, is a real luxury that not everyone is fortunate enough to enjoy. In most independent houses, single-family calls, there is that space under ground. A place where no noise or prying eyes arrive. Today we tell you how you can decorate a  modern basement to make it a space that you do not want to leave.

The word modern basement may not inspire you with too many positive feelings. Maybe you relate it to concepts like being underground. Or with dark spaces and a little overwhelming to which the air does not reach the light of the outside. Nothing farther from reality. Today you will discover some great ideas to decorate a very modern and cozy basement.

For starters, we’ll say yes, it’s true. A basement is a space under ground, which is not usually the light (although some have skylights and windows in the top of the walls for which the daylight comes). However, that is not to say that they are a hole, a crippling trap in which you can not breathe.

What’s more, with a well-thought-out lighting, any basement can become a pleasant and cozy space. In addition, an advantage that usually have the basements is that they are diaphanous spaces, with the extension of the complete plant of the building, if they have not been divided. That means we have a lot of square footage at our disposal.

How and why decorate a basement?

If you have a big house, you’ll probably have a basement but you won’t need it to give it a concrete use. In that case, when the basement does not have to fulfill a certain function (for example, to become your workplace), we can decorate it in a versatile way, so that it serves several things and can use all the members of the family.

As a general recommendation, be aware that the lack of light is a reality and bets for bright and light colors. Think about the lighting. It is not the same to enlighten a sitting space in which to watch TV, than a work area in which to perform meticulous tasks for which more light is required. It is also not advisable to fill the basement of furniture and items that you collect out there, or fill it with things that you do not fit or do not want to keep at home. If you do, you’ll end up turning the basement into a storeroom, which may be an option. Although if you want this, you can raise the matter differently, adapting the space and providing of shelves and other storage systems.

But just in case you want a relaxing space, of leisure and rest, where you can unleash the fun, no phone or external distractions, and in the company of yours and your best friends, here are some great ideas to decorate a modern basement.

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