4 Ideas to Decorate a Modern Basement Part 2

Monday, February 19th 2018. | Basement

Continued from article of part one : https://www.homify.info/decorate-a-modern-basement-part-1/

A very comfortable seating area

It is true that at home you have a very large and beautiful room, but the basement becomes a very special area, where you can be truly at ease without anything bothering you. Very comfortable sofas, TV (not missing) and some ancillary furniture and you will have your perfect room. You can invite your friends now!

These spaces play a great role when we have teenage children. There you can be with your friends without disturbing or being disturbed. The ideal would be to have a small kitchenette. So you don’t have to go home every time you need something. A fridge, a microwave, a sink and some closets are more than enough.

A cinema room

The most film sure wouldn’t doubt it. If they had to decorate a modern basement, they would endow it with a big movie screen in which to watch their favorite movies. A quality player and surround sound system are also essential.

You can also not miss, if you want to be comfortable, a few fluffy seats, can be sofas or armchairs. them with cushions and pillows. Do not miss! And don’t forget to put a small blanket or plaid to tuck into the coldest days.

Space to play

And I’m not talking about children, who also (that idea I give it to you later). I mean a game area for older people, in which to enjoy a game of billiards or football. Or play video games or, why not? To do a full-fledged bowling competition.

The idea is to have our own space, where we have fun and dedicate our leisure time to what we like to do, whether it’s doing sports or playing the guitar.

Children’s room

Decorating a basement to make it a children’s area can be a great idea. Surely you adore your kids, but you will also like to enjoy a moment of peace, without shouting or beating. Well, if you set up a play area in the basement, you’ll get it safe.

They’ll be delighted too. Yes, notice that the space has all the measures of child safety and never leave them alone a long time. You know that kids are specialists in getting into trouble.

And you? Do you have any more ideas to decorate a modern and functional basement?