How to Decorate an Interior Wall

Wednesday, February 28th 2018. | Interior

Would you like to decorate an interior wall of your home to make it more original and interesting? Have you now stewed to always see the same color, turned off and not at all appealing? If the answer is Yes, this guide is what it will do for you. In particular, in the steps to follow, I will explain a technique of decoration that makes use of sheets on which are made of drawings, very used in the field of DIY: the stencil. Imagine your wall as a large white sheet on which indulge your imagination, creating beautiful colorful designs that completely distort the original appearance.

Prepare the wall

Before proceeding with the actual decoration, you must first know how to prepare the wall. The preparation of the funds consists in closing the holes and crevices, eliminating the surface irregularities, the humidity of the wall and its porosity, making sure that the new decoration can make a good grip. The appearance and duration in time will depend to a great extent on this preparation. Start the work by applying the diluting decorative paint universal bottom to 20-25% with water. Wait for the complete drying of the wall.

Choose the stencil and apply

Next, apply the paint of the chosen color, then let it dry again. When you want to work, you can repeat the paint operation in such a way as to accentuate the color tone. After doing this, choose the stencil of the shape that suits you best: In this case, the stencils can be Greek or simple masks. Spread the color on a palette before applying it, then place the stencil on the wall using paper tape. Then apply the paint on the stencil making sure that you have covered all the spaces and that the color is well-formed.

Remove the stencil

To do this, you have the possibility to use two instruments: a simple paint roller or a sponge to be annoyed in one of the two ends, in order to reach the smaller areas. Also, I recommend to use a good paint washable (undiluted) and to carry out a test on a cardboard before moving to the application on the wall. Once at this point, gently remove the stencil and excess paint. Once the application is finished, clean the stencil with cold water so you can keep it and reuse it. And here your inner wall will change completely with this wonderful decoration. Good luck with your work!