How to Decorate a Room with Recycled Material

Saturday, January 27th 2018. | Interior

Decorating one or more rooms of the house is not difficult, especially if we rely on creative recycling; In fact, with wood, glass and plastic, just to mention some of the most common materials, it is possible to obtain elegant and original objects and furnishings. Here’s a guide with some ideas, how to decorate a room with recycled material.

For the room where the kitchen or the living room is usually located, a great way to decorate it is to use the wood, and specifically that of the pallets; In fact, as can be seen from the introduction photo, with these waste materials, you can create elegant platforms to hang on the wall, but also sofas, armchairs and many useful and decorative furnishings. However, in addition to wood, glass can also be useful to decorate the room, such as using an unusual bottle, perhaps found in the attic; In fact, washing accurately and if transparent, you can insert corks and use it as an elegant decoration for support on shelves.

In the introductory phase between the various materials to be recycled to decorate a room, we also mentioned the plastic. It is in fact an original way to decorate for example that of children, on the occasion of a feast called precisely for them. Then taking bottles of water or other beverages, and cutting in half, then therefor of a ring hook made with iron wire, we can obtain excellent and original decorations. At this point, with paints, we color the exterior, painting the faces of bizarre characters and very loved by children, perhaps adding threads of wool to simulate the hair, and then finally insert inside the candles and make the characters of beautiful lanterns.

This guide we started by describing how to use recycled wood, and precisely with this material we conclude speaking in the specific of another typology; In fact, if, for example, we take some fruit crates and paint them with paints or only with wax, leaving them to natural after having them carefully sanded, we can assemble them together and create an elegant and decorative furniture for Any room in the house. To optimize the result, always with the wood it is necessary to apply the frontal panels, and make it even more useful and above all functional.