Decoration of Attic Terraces

Saturday, April 7th 2018. | Garden

We have already spoken on other occasions of the decoration of terraces, but we have not dedicated a space to the decoration of terraces of penthouses in particular.

Although many of the tips you can see in other publications can be applied to attics, and it is very important to keep them in mind, obviously there are differences between a small terrace decoration more similar to a balcony, than the decoration of an attic Wide and luminous.

The terrace of the attics if we do not decorate them correctly can be a place of extremes: on the one hand, it is possible to get a very cold place, more typical of a terrace of bar; Or an attic terrace in which there is so much furniture and so many accessories that comes to overwhelm, not being able to enjoy the spaciousness of the space.

What are we going to use the attic terrace for? Many people only use the terrace for meetings with their friends, others use it for rest and for the majority it is a multipurpose space. If you have the necessary space, we’ll divide the stay for all activities; On the other hand, if we have a small attic terrace we will choose furniture that may have different uses.

The choice of terrace furniture, to be taken into account. The terrace furniture will be outdoors, so we must be very careful when choosing it. If you prefer natural wood furniture keep in mind that apply liquids for maintenance and we can not let them get wet. You have at your disposal many other materials for decorating attic terraces such as plastic or artificial wood, more durable. You can also choose furniture designs with pallets. We show you a lot of terrace furniture here.

In the case of having a small terrace, it is important to choose furniture or that can serve us for various activities, which may be complicated; Or choose folding Terrace furniture. This way we can do everything we want in our attic space.

Don’t forget the plants. In an outside area the plants are a great ally. Even if you have enough space you can create your own urban garden.