DIY Headboard Ideas, How to Make Headboard Affordable

Tuesday, February 20th 2018. | Bedroom

Headboard is actually varied. It consists from many designs and functions that perhaps will be so useful for the homeowners to get comfortable in their beds. DIY Headboard ideas is placed behind the bed and even there is a headboard that also completed by cabinetry systems so that you’ll save whatever you want at here.

When you need a special headboard for your children or even their headboard was damage and you as parent want to remove it and create it new. DIY Headboard Ideas is the real method to help. It is time for you show your skill. It is inexpensive and simple to do.

  • The first step that you should do is by measuring the width of bedroom for you / your child head length. Trace the length of the headboard approximately 24 inches for the height, on the foam and you are able to use a permanent marker to do it. Additionally, you can also cut the foam by using an electric carving knife. Add the 2 inches with width and length sizing of the headboard.
  • Then, cut 6 pieces of the ribbon with 19 inch of the lengths. Put the single piece of headboard fabric on the surface. Try folding the ribbons in a half and pin it to the ribbons along single long length of the main headboard fabric. Space the ribbons 4 inches from the end part.
  • Locate another piece of the headboard fabric put down on the first. After that pin the layers and sew a half inch seam allowance on both short ends and the long side. Leave the other long side to be opened.
  • Next, measuring the placement on the wall for easy padded headboard. Place in the middle of the headboard on the wall in the head bed. Put the headboard with 2 inches length on the bed. Measure again above the top sides of the headboard 4 inches. Not forget to attach the curtain rod brackets in this placement.

Well, DIY Headboard Ideas is easy to do. Do you want to try DIY right now?