How to Match Doors and Floors

Monday, June 12th 2017. | Door

Here are some useful tips on how to match doors and floors without mistake, for a harmonious and stylish home.

It is important to choose a precise style in order not to create confusion and to give homogeneity to the interiors. In this article we will deal with how to match floor and doors. If, for example, the floors are light in color the advice is to choose doors in shades of white, grey or natural wood. But not only the color is to be considered. A marble pavement, so elegant and refined, can certainly not be combined with colored doors and modern, as well as a terracotta floor will not be well with old doors and too glitzy. If you want to know more take a look at how to match doors and floors in the right way.

matching doors and floors

The doors are a real object of design that goes beyond pure functionality. They must integrate harmoniously with all the rest of the furniture. But how to match doors and floors? What rules to follow?

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A dark-tinted floor, inserted in a modern context, will look great with colors for the interior doors in stark contrast, perhaps in shades of white, chosen in the glossy or lacquered version. The doors will have simple and essential lines, ideal models that seem to camouflage between the walls because of the lack of edges and finishing. If the floor is in dark wood and the style of the house is more classic and elegant, opt for the colors of the interior wooden doors in the same shade of the floor, perhaps with decorations and finishes with an antique flavor.

Floor and doors in dark wood

Combining doors and floors may seem easy, in fact you have to be careful not to create confusion between the various elements, not to obtain a messy and inaccurate effect. If you have floors in shades of grey, matched with grey oak doors for a deliberately homogeneous effect, or opt for interior doors in bleached oak, bright and easy to insert in any context.


The doors in dark shades are preferable to combine them with light floors to avoid a too gloomy effect between the domestic walls. To match doors and parquet with dark shades without giving up to the doors in the same shade, lighten the whole with the color on the walls, which will be compulsory white.

floors & doorsmatching door and floor

In the rustic houses with terracotta or stone floors will be very well the classic wooden doors, both clear and dark. If you want to give a touch of personality to the environment match the floor to doors in transparent glass. The contrast between rustic and modern will be really pleasant. The light grey doors are perfect for Provence style houses, which see a wide use of stone and wood for interior finishes.

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