Faux Wood Beams: An Attractive and Easy Solution for Every Home

Monday, May 28th 2018. | Interior

What are faux wood beams? A simple explanation is that this is an empty box, assembled with wooden planks and used in home furnishings to imitate solid wood. Three axles are nailed together and can be coated with different tints or painted in any color so they resemble solid wood beams. These beams are also known as decorative beams or fake beams and are highly valued for lightness, ease of installation and good looks.

Why choose wooden beams?

Faux wood beams are a very comfortable and practical solution as you get the look of natural wood without the costs and worries for the weight of the solid wood. Also, you’ll be sure that the ceiling beams won’t rot, crack, break and haunt insects. The light weight is a big plus as well as the durability and these are ideal vaulted ceiling beams. You can integrate recessed lights into the false beams or pendant lamps or use them to hide electrical wires, for example.

The decorative beams are usually mounted on the ceiling but can also be used on the walls. Although the installation is relatively simple, it is not a project for beginners, so if you do not have sufficient skills, it is strongly recommended to hire professionals with experience and expertise.

Natural wood beams and ideas for the home

Faux wood beams offers excellent decorative properties as you can choose the appearance according to your own taste, color palette and overall design. More popular finishes are cedar, pine, oak, natural color finish and even white beams suitable for modern interiors. With the decorative wooden beams you have many design options and creates interior in country or ethnic style, add the atmosphere of a Mediterranean villa and a feeling of comfort and intimacy in your home.