Furniture Trends for 2018: Styles, Colors and Furniture to Have at Home

Monday, April 16th 2018. | Furniture

Back, like every year, time to pull the sums and find out what are the furniture trends for 2018. From the colors to the styles passing from the furniture that can not be missing absolutely inside our dwellings.

Furniture trends 2018 for the stay

One of the environments on which to aim for the 2018 is definitely the living environment and the day area. Here are the tendencies dedicated to the colors of the house to take the upper hand, will be the dark and intense shades, such as purple and green forest to make your stay unique. But the whole thing will be matched to white and complements with bright colors.

Bedroom: I must have for the 2018

The Hygge not gone: Even for the 2018, the style marked will furnish your bedroom. The novelty? The presence of pastel shades on the walls: a decisive contrast, but without disturbing the sweet shades of white, beige and greige that have always characterized the Hygge mood.

Trendy styles and colors for the kitchen: the must-haves of the 2018

The minimal and industrial style comes back in a loud voice: what better place than the kitchen to best apply this house trend for 2018? Here we will say goodbye to the use of mass of iron and cement and give more space to wood.

For those looking for more glamorous solutions, you can opt for a table with marble top, loved and photographed in thousands of Instagram shots. The perfect pairing: the cementine. Colored or gray tones, such as wall cladding or as a floor: Whatever your choice will be the right one.

Trendy bath of the year

Are you a vintage lover? This is your year. For the 2018, in fact, the trendy bathroom will have a retro style. Farewell to the angular shapes, to the cold and too linear elements: the mood of the year is warm, comfortable and simple.

Furniture and accessories to have for the 2018

Among the trendy furniture of the 2018 back to great fury the Velvet, straight from the ‘ 70. This material has not only conquered fashion, but also the world of design. Choose this finish for the seats: armchairs, sofas and Ottomans will give new life to your home.

Looking for a touch of color? The home trends are on your side. For the 2018, in fact, it will be impossible not to have a red furniture in the house: Access or gloomy enough that it is red.