Modern Garden Pond Designs

Saturday, May 6th 2017. | Garden

Garden pond is being added to a modern house to create a natural atmosphere, ponds are greatly influence the look of your house. It does not only perform a fresh look but it can also be used as your garden arts. There are lots of pond types that can be applied for a contemporary house; some of them are suitable for a modern garden design which will perform a green style.

In choosing a pond, you need to consider the theme of your house; because each type of the theme might need specific elements for the pond applications. Lets we see two basic models of ponds designs which are commonly applied in modern houses. First is Italian model of pond, this type of pond usually tried to create a plain look for the main pond. We rarely see flowers or plants to be engaged to the pool except for the surrounding area. They are basically built from the bricks to strengthen the European atmosphere for the garden, their shape are usually in form of a perfect round.

An European style might be a little bit blain for some of us, especially for those who want to create a tropical spot where you can enjoy the fresh air that comes from your surrounding plants.  In creating a tropical pond, you can choose to apply Asian theme especially the Japanese style of pond In applying a Japanese style of pond you might need to concern on the use of natural material especially for the natural stone to strengthen the Japanese arts.

Beside those types of ponds, there are also another architectural design which can also be applied for your house ponds such as ornamental, fish, bog, reflection, fountain, feature, and swimming ponds. In applying a pond theme for your house; you need to calculate the space that you need, the watering system and also for the decorations.

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