Great Ideas for Decorating a Small Dining Room

Tuesday, May 1st 2018. | Dining Room

If you’ve recently moved house and you don’t have much space to devote to small dining room or simply want to renew it but do not know how to exploit it to the fullest and will show you the space conditioning, I expose some ideas that may inspire you in creating the common room proper lunch for your home. You’ll feel much more comfortable at lunchtime and dinner with your family.

1. Extends the space

You can create a visual sensation of space by painting the room with light colors, while with accessories such as rugs, paintings, etc. can make the splash of color you want to set. The mirrors will always be good allies to multiply and expand the light; i.e. place each where it falls directly in natural light, and if reaching to the floor even better.

2. A table in the kitchen

If your kitchen is large enough, place a dining table can be a good option. If you don’t have much space, there are auxiliary furniture that can perform the function of table for breakfasts, snacks or appetizers. If you have an open kitchen, place the table closest to the kitchen.

3. The furniture you need

The selection of the size of the furniture will depend on the space you have available. Using multifunctional furniture to fit the space well and have various functions. Place the table attached to the wall is a good idea to save space. Instead, a table is extendable is a good option for when we invited. With a couple of folding chairs solve the problem. Please, choose always chairs read without armrests so that there is more space between them. A trend that is expanding is to use counters combined with chairs, given that this is a good way to maximize space.

4. Good lighting

In a small space, it’s always important to have good lighting, since it gives sensation of space. If you have natural light, even better, although it would be good to combine it with some lamp, don’t be afraid to mix natural light with artificial light. Choose curtains that allow passing sunlight, as it is important to create a light and practical.