Handling Tight Space in Feng Shui Small Apartment

Wednesday, January 24th 2018. | Apartment

If you live in a tight space, you can get the inspiration by replicating the decoration in the feng shui small apartment. Decorating an apartment is totally difficult since you do not have any outdoor space. You only get a very small balcony. The space in the apartment is more limited compared to a house. It can be a great challenge for you to define the room with new decor. You can present the energy of life by remodeling the house using yin and yang principles. You can define the room with simple colors as the backdrop for the wall.

You can go by combining beige with off white shade. Beige can be used the main color, while off white and hunter green can be used as the supporting color. The door and window should never be bothered with any furniture arrangement. Thus, you can move inside the feng shui small apartment easily. The smooth opening and closing on the window and door can provide the flow of chi energy inside the house freely. Don’t forget to set a mirror on the wall but the placement should be determined carefully so that your chi energy will not go away.

The placement of mirror should never distort person. You can place it beside the bed. Don’t set any mirror across the door. The last thing to decide in the feng shui apartment is the plant. This is an important element in feng shui. If you want to represent fire, you can pick poinsettia or geranium begonia. If you want to present water element, choose blue and glass pot. The home owners who like to reflect the earthy look in the small apartment can select yellow plants like sunflower and marigold. Plants are good to support the decor in feng shui small apartment.

Although able to use feng shui studio apartment can be a challenging experience and will probably make you frustrated because of limited area, make sure you can still have good feng shui energy in the dwelling.

This way, you’ll also learn some achievement. Such as selecting items is really important and needed to be placed in the studio apartment. Good luck!