How to Attract Positive Energy Into House Using Feng Shui

Tuesday, May 15th 2018. | Home Design

Positive energy is vital to promoting good feng shui in your house. Can you spot the difference between a person who have positive outlook in life and a person who is pessimistic? The difference is very evident on their outward appearance as well as to their accomplishments. That is same with a house attracting positive energy and a house that is not. Of course, the house with positive energy flowing will be a house full of joy and abundance.

I know you want your house to achieve overflowing success and accomplishments. To start with your house feng shui tips, you need to:

Identify the bagua
You know why bagua is important? Bagua is actually one of the main feng shui tools. It is a tool that analyzes the energy flow of a given space or location. A bagua serves as a blueprint to your house looks, decorations, colors and etc. Identifying the bagua is important for you to acquire all the positive aspects in life like health, wealth, pleasures, comfort and many more.

Get rid of the clutter or mess
A messy house is a house attracting negative energy. Not just negative energy flow but negative impressions toward your visitors and you as the owner. As much as possible your house should be a house without clutter or mess, a house with lots of free spaces. It should be a house that encourages only positive energy to flow.

Secure a good quality of lightning and air
Your house should be a house that is vibrant and captivating. A house that is too dark or too dim is actually a house attracting bad energy flow. Good lighting means that the house has lots of room for energy to come in. With good quality of air, your house is free from dirt and the air circulates well. If you can provide your house with good lighting and good quality of air, lots of positive things is yours to have.

Go for pleasing colors
Pleasing colors are colors that attract good Chi; it gives good vibes to the people in the house and to your guests and visitors. They will be delighted on the color of your house because the aura is positive and encouraging. Pleasing colors are colors that are vibrant and good to the eye.

With a house having good aura, you as the person staying on that house will reflect good aura as well. You will also attract good opportunities and accomplishments in your life.

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