How to choose a wall for living room

Friday, April 27th 2018. | Living Room

Knowing how to choose the wall for living room is one of the main steps when changing or decorating a house.

This furnishing complement will not only provide character and style to the environment, but give you the opportunity to find a place for all those small objects that would otherwise only create chaos and clutter. But not only that: in a wall equipped all your favorites will find the right space, without being sacrificed in some corner or in some box.

The two fundamental variables, not to be forgotten when choosing an equipped wall: space and visual impact. For example, in a square sitting room, avoid overfilling the part, but play on volumes and heights. In This case it is recommended to use shallow elements, about 40 cm, to alternate, possibly, even with shelves where to expose your favorite books.

If you have a large living room, you can indulge using different structures: one or more low modules to delimit the area dedicated to entertainment (TV, console, DVD and not only), while shelves and high volumes ad hoc can be for books and miscellaneous objects.

Obviously it is necessary that the style of the equipped wall respects and reflects that of the living room: If you have chosen a modern style, opt for linear solutions, characterized by aluminum inserts, essential lines and pure volumes.

Among the proposals of the most beautiful equipped wall for living room where the wood essences alternate with material finishes. The extra touch is given by the covers of the compartments characterized by diagonal cuts that create modern and sophisticated movements.

Safehomefarm, on the other hand, has an equipped wall dedicated to those who love reading and getting lost in the words of writers. This solution is ideal for alternating books and furnishings, but not forgetting the useful spaces to hide those small objects that run around the house. The blue oil color perfectly respects the trends of the house in recent years.

And you what solution you choose? We wait for you from home planet to find the perfect wall for living room.

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