How to Choose The Right Refrigerator for Your Kitchen

Monday, May 7th 2018. | Kitchen

What is the basic appliance that should never be missing inside a kitchen? Definitely the fridge. Whether it is recessed or stand alone, this element must never be lacking in our homes. But how to choose How to choose the right refrigerator for your kitchen without mistake and regret with the passage of time?

The Ability

One of the first features to evaluate for a new refrigerator is definitely the ability. This value, usually expressed in liters in the specifications of the appliance, must be adjusted to the number of people who will use it. For a single a capacity of 150 liters will be more than enough, while a family will be around 250-280 liters.

Take care not to buy a refrigerator too big compared to your needs: an empty appliance, in fact, consume more electricity.

Recess or stand alone

This choice is not at all simple, in fact, there are many people who get stuck in front of this crossroads. First of all it is an aesthetic factor: a built-in refrigerator, in fact, will give continuity to the kitchen modules thus making the room more spacious. A refrigerator stands alore, however, will be in everything and for all an object to itself.

Capacity is another variant that can influence this choice: the built-in refrigerators, for example, are less capacious and smaller than average, while stand alone can also be double-door or American.

Refrigerator No Frost

The no frost system avoids the formation of frost, especially in the congelatorel. The frost, caused by the acquo vapor of the food and the incoming air every time the refrigerator opens, can cause the consumption increase. For this reason, the no frost models integrate, an evaporator and a ventilation system able to suck the vapors of the food.

Door or American

Are you passionate about crazy spending and are you always afraid to find yourself with the empty refrigerator? Then the American model, with double doors, is the ideal solution. This fridge, often equipped with latest-generation accessories, consists of two elements with full height: freezer and fridge to be filled to more I can not. If you are more thrifty people who like to have the minimum indispensable at home, then the single-door solution is the one suitable for you).