How to Design a Garden Design

Sunday, March 18th 2018. | Garden

Designing your own garden design requires a certain organization. First of all we need to have a fixed budget, so we could focus more clearly on how to intervene. So you have to have some clear ideas about the type of furniture to follow. We should of course divide the spaces well and decide every single feature. As in the assign the space for the play of our children, and the space suitable for the relaxation area instead. So let’s see how to design a garden of design at best.

Design Fence

To begin to furnish our garden of design, we could design a fence, in order to create a secure fence. We’ll fix the flowers and plants with a tall keg on one or both sides of the barricade, better if with multiple varieties of heights and colors. A nice idea is to mix the flowers chromatically. The flowerbeds must be placed on the sides of the garden, while the central area will be reserved for more voluminous elements, such as fountains, artificial ponds or water games, always with innovative shapes and decor materials, with polished stone inserts, polished marble and rock.

Choose Relax Area

Of course you should not miss the relaxation area. We could place a modern gazebo, made with a mix of materials such as iron, stainless steel, glass or fabric. Below it is enough to place a table, a couple of chairs with armrests or other types of seating, depending on our taste and budget. The furniture will look good in wood, wicker, metal, or even plastic. You can add cushions, cloths and mats to make it much more comfortable. To create an important decorative scenario, we can plant beautiful plants at every corner of the garden, creating particular islands with unusual shapes, such as a group of spirea crown bushes, or ornamental grass.

Building Arbor

Based on our budget, we could also think of building an entrance arbor. On it we could arrange the vines in bloom, in order to create the focal point of the whole garden. Passing under the pergola, will open the view all the green area designed ad hoc. Another idea of great effect is to incorporate modern statues at strategic points. Designing our design garden will not be so complicated, just put a lot of effort, attention to detail and a lot of good taste, using the best our budget.