How to Design a Garden Layout

Wednesday, March 7th 2018. | Garden

Those who are fortunate enough to live in an independent living unit (single, duplex, terraced) generally have a beautiful garden. The latter lends itself for any occasion, from an open-air meal in summer to birthday parties with many guests.

A garden needs periodic maintenance to be able to last as long as possible. In fact, it takes a constant effort to keep it always in order. In particular, it is necessary to realize it with criterion, in order to balance the spaces and the decorations in an adequate way.

Thanks to this practical guide, we will go to see how to design a garden, organizing the spaces outside the house. Happy reading!

Choose the style

A garden is not born accidentally, but it is the whole of many elements, like the hedges, the trees, the shrubs, the fences, the walls and the gates. These must have an equal style, which you can choose according to your personal taste (from the classic English garden to something more “minimal” or elegant). The garden must be pleasant at the aesthetic, functional and manageable level. This is because it is a space that you with a certain frequency. It makes no sense to occupy all the space with statues and decorations. In this way, you will minimize the living space of the place where you can stay. Remember to place outdoor tables and benches for your picnics, and maybe even a shady canopy under which to shelter during the hottest hours. Do you have or are you planning to have children? Create a garden space suitable for their games with slides and swings or a sandbox with paddles and molds.

Select the method

There are two ways to create a garden with a rule of art. The first is to rely on a gardening company. In this case, it is necessary to indicate to the operators the types of plants that they prefer. Explain which ones you like the most. Also, indicate on which style you intend to set your garden. A second method is the classic DIY, more tiring but certainly cheaper. By adopting this system, you’ll see the evolution of the “Day by day” garden. The end result, besides impressing your guests, will also be gratifying for you. A beautiful garden will repay you of all the work done with so much zeal.