How to Design a Garden

Saturday, February 3rd 2018. | Garden

Garden Project

How to design a garden? We ask often, especially when we want to change his style or we have moved recently and we have to furnish it completely. There are many ways to do it, it all depends on what are our tastes and our abilities. There are two things to do: rely on an expert or do it yourself, choice that involves time, precision and fatigue if it is not our job. The first thing to start designing a garden, in any case, is to check the measures correctly, to understand what you could insert-here we refer to the furnishings, not the plants-in the space that we have available.

Then we will proceed to the realization of the design that we are able to do on our own, but if we do not have to be helped by an expert. We will throw on paper everything we want in the garden, then tables, chairs, small sofas, plants (here Yes, should be mentioned) and any other detail that we have in mind. At this stage you need to put everything. The next step will be the concrete realization of the design, that is the project.

Design the Garden

Among the possibilities of creating a garden there is also to rely on our abilities and do it ourselves. How to design a garden yourself? The operation is not simple, but not too complex. The rules are: attention, precision, dexterity, creativity. So what you need for any kind of DIY work. Moreover, if we decided to realize the furniture of our garden by ourselves means that a pinch of creative gifts we have. We check precisely the measurements of the space we have available, so that we have clear what and how many plants to insert, but especially how to make the most of the spaces to be furnished and where to place the furnishings (chairs, tables, sofas…).

We need to be careful what is the functional space, the one really usable for our activities. If we want a relaxing space with sofas and gazebos, but also a space for our physical exercises and meals we need to know if there is room to do it. That’s why it is essential to throw down a drawing (precisely the project) in which using the measurements we’ll insert what we thought.