How To Maintain a Fish Pond at Home

Tuesday, July 4th 2017. | Garden

Having fish in the pond is very fun and adds to the beautify your garden, but unfortunately, it needs regular maintenance to keep them fish pond is well maintained, so check out some tips on how to maintain a fish pond.

1. Maintaining good water quality and manage water supply on a regular basis is the most common practical way to maintain the pool and the ecosystem is maintained.

koi fish in garden pond

2. In addition, consider the number of fish in the pond and how many servings are added in the pond plants. They should be adapted to the filtration capacity of the pool. The count of about 5 cm of fish per 30 square cm surface area of ​​the pool. In addition to the number, consider the type and speed of the fish breed. If necessary, gradually add new fish alone.

how to maintain a fish pond

3. Swimming with the fish should also be given a plant that closes at least half the surface of the pond. This plant can be a place hide from predators and shelter.

maintain a fish pond

4. Pay attention to the health of fish regularly see fins, are all upright and look good. If infection is indicated, you should do the separation and treatment. If you need to add water in the pool.

natural pond maintenance

5. During the summer, the water quality testing water pH between 6.5 and 7, also the height of the water pool volatile. Note also when algae started to appear because it can disrupt an ecosystem. Whereas in the rainy season, do the cleaning ponds periodically by rubbing the sides of the pool without soap.

large pond care

6. Do not forget to clean the filter and pump and check the hose and the possibility of leakage.

7. Prune the plant periphery and reduce weeds regularly. Similarly, reduce the plant has exceeded the pot.

how to maintain a pond without a filter

Hopefully this article about how to maintain a fish pond can help you at home.

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