Ideas for Home Painting

Tuesday, April 17th 2018. | Home Design

Sometimes it happens not to know what to do when you have to renovate and ideas for home painting, but it is normal, besides are works that you make every 4/5 years or maybe more, then turn to an expert to have ideas to paint home is the best of solutions. Usually we offer suggestions based on the type of habitation, the furnishings and often also according to the style of the building.

Of course it is, that having ideas to paint home for those who like us does this job, it certainly has more, however there are also tendencies for the painting of the interior, for example last year was very required the green in the most different shades. A color that has often been used in a retro tone, 50 style, on the pastel genre but by the decided tonality.

Thousand ideas for home painting

Obviously, as far as painting is concerned, very original works can also be done, such as decorations or coloring’s of the walls creating images, even in this case in 2017 there was a certain demand for figures and cubic drawings. A trend supported by technology and style of wanting to be minimalist and flashy at the same time.

drawings, images and geometrical figures are just a part of the ideas for painting home, in fact you can do many other representations and color the walls in different shades. A style that is coming back in fashion is that of the years ’70, when in a room the 4 walls were 4 different colors, usually from orange to yellow and green to blue, certainly a bit ‘ bizarre but original.

Ask for a consultation to have some suggestions

Generally we offer our advice to better facilitate the choice, the right color, where best decorate, the type tint etc… a support obviously much appreciated by customers who thank for the solutions offered.

For any need regarding the painting of your walls, please contact us for advice, inspection or advice.