Ideas for Metal Railings: Exclusive Design for Stairs for Your Home

Friday, June 1st 2018. | Interior

Ideas for metal railings have numerous designs in various styles. The railing, by definition, is a barrier similar to a fence, which protects the person in Ascension (descending) from the fall and provides support during climbing that is particularly important for older people. The railings of the staircases are composed of different elements: balustrades, handrails, finial, etc. Railings can be installed on either side or on one end of the staircase and on wide staircases, usually in public places, are installed in the middle of the staircase. Very often the term “railing” is used instead of the railing, which means that the handrail and sometimes can mean both the handrail and the balustrades. The handrails can be attached to the wall or to the balustrades.

The ideas for metal railings are widely spread as the metal is widely used for numerous purposes: external staircases, roofing, exterior cladding, etc. These railings are available in a variety of styles, from simple and minimalist designs that consist only of uprights and handrails to complex and decorated designs and can be made of steel, iron and aluminum, etc.

Their main advantage is that they can be combined with any other material-wood, PVC, stone, glass, cement, etc. You can use any type of metal profile-from the simple fittings and pipes up to profiles with a complex model. Also, they are very durable, resistant to dynamic and static loads-even a thin railing can withstand a lot of pressure. The metal railings can be used both inside and outside and, except their basic function, to facilitate the ascent and descent, they also have a decorative function.

Ideas for metal railings works just as well with traditional designs of stairs and with modern stair design. The projects of wrought iron railings allow the realization of the most original ideas of architects and designers. At the same time, wrought iron railings can be used for efficient façade solutions without losing any artistic value.

Stair railings are a good option as they are suitable for stairs of any size and shape. Moreover, the metal railings are an excellent choice for the front porch, the balconies, the hanging gardens, the industrial stairs, etc. They are available in many variants and materials: aluminum, steel, iron and each has its own pros and cons.