Ideas for Small Gardens: Landscape Architecture and Garden Decoration Projects

Friday, May 18th 2018. | Garden

We have some ideas for small gardens and we will provide you with useful tips for landscaping and the decor of your outdoor place so that you can easily create a magnificent recreation area or entertainment for your family and friends.

There are homeowners who have large plots but there is a considerable number of citizens living in private homes and having a small piece of land close to their home so they face the challenge of arranging their backyard in a rational and use the available space in the best possible way.

How to design a beautiful little backyard? Before you start planning the landscape design you need to determine which “nice yard” means to you. What is your general idea, is it important for you to impress the neighbors and guests with the splendor of the decoration or would you prefer convenience and convenience? What is your lifestyle, you have children and pets, you have a lot of fun and you do some outdoor evenings? The answers to these questions will affect the look of your garden and a good initial planning saves not only money, but also time for changes, reconstructions and fixes.

Of course, in many ways, the landscape design of your backyard will depend on its size. If the area is large, your imagination will only be limited by financial possibilities but if it is a small courtyard, then it is necessary to establish clear priorities. It will be difficult to place a children’s playground, a place for BBQ, dining room and lounge, large flowerbeds and lawn when you are limited in space. However, a good plan will allow you to get the most, so it is best if you have marked the position of all the items you would like to have-gazebo, pergola, flowerbeds, rocky gardens, ponds and terrace. Experts recommend dividing the entire plot into squares and each segment will have a key figure–a building or a decorative element. Therefore, it will be easier to organize all the desired elements of the landscape design and create a balanced and harmonious exterior.

Ideas for small gardens and landscape design techniques

There are many unique ideas for small gardens that have successfully addressed the main challenge of visually expanding space using some simple design techniques.

Here are some basic rules that you need to follow when you want to create a comfortable and elegant outdoor space on a limited space.

  • Avoid big dark constructions. If you can’t do without them, then make the buildings more compact and “airy” as possible. The tiles or the grape will give them a noble appearance and hide the heavy construction.
  • A high fence for privacy will create the effect of a closed box, so it’ll be a good idea to choose a perforated metal fence, a privacy hedge or a lighter fence decorated with flowering plants.
  • Planting tall, scattered trees is not a good idea as they carry away a significant part of the territory. Shrubs and small trees will give you a dynamic height, so it’s a good idea to opt for those varieties.
  • Avoid clear geometric shapes and sharp corners in the layout that accentuate the small plot size.
  • Carefully plan the decorative elements. Keep the simple decoration-planters with boxwood, flower pots, decorative stones, lights.