Ideas for Vintage Coatings

Monday, April 9th 2018. | Kitchen

We have already had the opportunity to show you the many uses of cementine in the bathroom and, remaining in the theme of ideas for vintage coatings, we will go here to focus attention on cementine in the kitchen.

of hexagonal or square shape and with multiple decorative fantasies, the cementine in the kitchen are the real must of the moment and their use allows to give character and personality to the environment with the minimum encumbrance. We will then show you a selection of 20 photographic ideas for wall coverings of different brands that in some cases also propose an impeccable hand-making.

If you do not have the opportunity to recover old cementine know that on the market you will find a wide range of solutions possibly also customization.

Practically adaptable to any style of furnishing, given the infinite range of graphic decorations and the many chromatic nuances proposed, the cementine in the kitchen give a touch of dynamism with a retro flavor able to go to exalt also projects exquisitely modern.

As you have certainly noticed from the shots we have chosen to offer, the cementine can be used as a unique and refined decorative element inside a kitchen: In addition to using them to coat the wall in correspondence to the hob, So in a classic way, you can use them to make a single column, a central island, a peninsula or a single piece of wall.

In the kitchen, besides being used for the construction of wall coverings, the cementine are perfect also in floor version, maybe going to create a sense of continuity precisely in the encounter with the wall that can then open to other types of finishes.

Lovers of vintage and industrial style will certainly not be able to renounce the use of cementine in the kitchen as well as in other rooms of the house, so we hope to have managed to provide you the perfect creative cue for the realization of the project of Your dreams.

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