How to Install a Ceramic Hob

Thursday, March 22nd 2018. | Floor, Kitchen

Recently, in Italy, it was possible to watch a real diffusion of glass ceramic tops, instead of the classic gas cooking tops. In the rest of Europe, due to the lower cost of electricity, their use is already widely distributed. The advantages of this choice concern the reduction of cooking times, given the best thermal performance, safety, guaranteed by electronic controls and undoubtedly the linear and essential design, which make this type of hob beautiful to see and easy To clean. The installation should be done by qualified personnel, but if you have a bit of familiarity you can do it yourself. In this guide, I will explain how to install a ceramic hob.

First, make a notch in the worktop, according to the measurements indicated in the instructions, respecting the safety distances provided by the manufacturer. Then draw the outline of the part you are going to cut. With a drill, practice four holes at the corners of the square plotted on the work surface, then, using the jigsaw, proceed to cut the wood following the drawn track. After carving work, pass the power cable downwards through a hole, which you have to drill in the back of the cabinet, if it does not have a hole for the connections.

Next, apply the ceramic hob inside the notch, being careful to center it perfectly and connecting the power supply cable to the mains. By helping you with a level, make sure that the hob is completely straight and perfectly aligned to the surface on which it rests. In case under the hob there is another appliance, an oven for example, it is necessary to maintain a minimum distance, typically 20 centimeters, to maintain sufficient ventilation. After mounting, check that the hob is working properly.

In this case, if the manufacturer has not provided the lower edge of the hob with an insulating strip, make sure to seal the edge with a thermo-resistant insulator, which is suitable for the material on which it rests. Have you seen how to install your hob, let’s see now how take care. The ceramic hob is practical and easy to clean, however, it is important to remember to use suitable products, so avoid abrasive sponges and detergent products too aggressive.