Interior Design Bathroom with Classic Shades

Tuesday, March 13th 2018. | Bathroom

In the middle of the dominance of modern contemporary design theme, there are still many people who are looking for themes that are classic, traditional, vintage, and also like, although only in one of the rooms in the residence. For example just in bathroom. Hence, how to have compromised these old themes on the interior design bathroom? If You are one of the ancient theme design with enthusiasts like this, then there are several elements that must be applied.

Most important thing here is the atmosphere that is created interior design bathroom are able to bring You on the nuances of a more comfortable and warm. You can also select multiple elements that classic theme only to applied in your bathroom.

Play with texture

This texture will add exotic shades on the interior of your bathroom, such as course to be able to create traditional shades you can use bathroom furniture made from old wood, as is the case with walnut with patterns which is maintained naturally to frame a mirror or glass cabinet. In fact you can also take advantage of granite materials for wet area, such as a bath tub, sink, or else the floor and part of the walls of the bathroom.

In addition, you can also use granite with rough texture on the floor and also the walls of the bathrooms as well as at the bottom of the sink to create a classic feel without having to make your bathroom look full. Simple as this election very well suited if applied on small-sized bathroom or minimalist.

Bathroom floor theme chess

If you do not like the feel of a classic, then you can still choose a specific elements to create the feel of nostalgia but still maintaining its modern side. You can select here the chess pattern Brown or black have compromised with white or beige color. And to be able to maintain the feel of a modern, make sure you will only use two colors, resulting in shades of monochrome moment is indeed being favored.

Other elements that can also be symbolic of a classic feel on the interior design of a bathroom sink is with model compounds. This model is commonly used in the era of the triumph of European Nations in the past.