Interior Floor: How to Make the Right Choice

Saturday, March 3rd 2018. | Floor

If you are going to move to a new house, or you are renovating your home and want to renew interior floor to give her a breath of fresh air, you have a great opportunity ahead! You can freely choose the floors that you like among the vast offer that is currently on the market.

However, the choice of the laying of the new floor must not depend solely on aesthetic factors, but must also take into account a series of technical elements to avoid errors from a structural point of view.

For example, before laying a floor you must consider the size of an environment, its exposition, the style of the furnishings and the color of the walls.

No panic, today I will give you a lot of concrete advice to choose the best floor for every room of the house.

We now analyze the various types of flooring available on the market for the bathroom, the kitchen, the bedroom, the dining room, including the tiles for outdoor and terrace.

Wooden Parquet

If you are wondering which floor to choose for every room of the house, and want to give a rustic touch but at the same time elegant and modern, the wooden parquet is the best choice.

Wooden parquet is a solution that guarantees style to any room, even if it is a material rather sensitive to humidity.

For this reason its use is not recommended in the areas where there is water, such as the kitchen or the bathroom, while for its thermal and acoustic insulation capacity is particularly suitable for the dining room, the bedroom and the living room.

Wooden parquet is a rather delicate material and can deform over time wetting and drying, so it is not recommended for humid environments such as the bathroom or the kitchen.

If you want to know more about the characteristics of adjustment woods to choose the wooden parquet most suitable for you, take a look at our article: which wood to choose for your parquet.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a solution that allows you to enjoy the aesthetics of wooden parquet at a lower cost. Laminate floors cannot be considered as real parquet because they have a completely different working. It is a laminated composite wood, on which is applied a photographic print that reproduces the veins of different types of wood.