Laundry Room in Project Instructions

Tuesday, April 3rd 2018. | Laundry Room

Down the hall, in the bathroom, in the kitchen or on the balcony. Useful tips to cut the minimum space for a chic laundry room with an adjoining ironing.

With a rational space project, also conceived in height (especially with regard to clothes-drier and storeroom), it is possible to obtain a laundry in a minimum environment, or only unusual. From the bathroom to the blind bottom of a hallway, from the kitchen that extends onto the balcony, every place is good to welcome it. Just adopt the right equipment and mix them with method and fantasy.

IKEA on his site dedicates a page to the ‘ Wall laundry ‘ and offers advice on how to arrange space-saving clothesline, functional Appendicitis and intelligent solutions to organize clothes. Leroy Merlin, on the other hand, offers suggestions on a very popular solution: To obtain a bathroom with laundry instead of the replacing bath with a 70 × 90 cm shower cubicle and a laundry cabinet where you insert stacked washer and dryer. RasoParete systems helps to take advantage of the service balcony thanks to outdoor cabinets. The Live Out aluminum shelving – decorated in standard or sample colors, are in fact completely made to measure and ensure accuracy to the millimeter.

In the design or renovation phase, always expect an electrical outlet to charge the wireless appliances. In any case, wherever you settle your laundry, if the room is free of windows, you have to provide a forced ventilation system. To preserve the aesthetics, without losing functionality, make sure that the operating area is screened from a fifth to a book, from sliding doors or at least from a curtain. Organize the stocks with method: The buckets and the cleaning products, for example, should be easy to access for you but protected from the access of children.

Next to the essential washing machine, a complete laundry room also includes a dryer. A very comfortable appliance that often gives up for the encumbrance. A solution, as we have seen, is to stack the two appliances in column, taking advantage once again the space in height. Then there is the combined solution of the washer dryer, but in this case you have to evaluate the consumption. In fact the two combined functions often mean a high energy cost. The advice is to have washer and dryer with the same load flow.