How to Lay a Vinyl Flooring

Friday, December 22nd 2017. | Floor

As we will see during this guide, vinyl flooring can be considered a good solution to renovate a room without spending a considerable economic figure. It is sufficient to have a little patience and a good manual familiarity to lay a vinyl flooring and give back to the house the elegance and refinement of the past. If you are interested in discovering how it is possible to lay a vinyl floor carefully follow this tutorial, I will give you important suggestions.

lvt installation using instalay self adhesive acoustic underlay throughout lay a vinyl flooring How to Lay a Vinyl Flooring

The first important thing to do to lay a vinyl floor, is to take the right measurements of the room to be paved (pay close attention to the measures, in order to avoid buying less tiles than they actually need to pave the whole Room). Now you have to move any furniture and/or appliances present in the room, remember to remove the baseboards too. Do not forget that the vinyl is a material that can cover almost all the existing surfaces, the important that they are hard and perfectly dry (if you have the carpet in particular, it is necessary to remove it to apply the vinyl). If you prefer to leave the old coating at the base, consider that in this case the floor will be a little higher.

how to install adura vinyl plank floors youtube for lay a vinyl flooring How to Lay a Vinyl Flooring

Remember now that before you lay the vinyl, you need to create a paper model to lay on the floor. I recommend that you cut out many pieces of cardboard and spread them to cover the entire floor. This process will allow you to cut the vinyl and the plywood in a much easier way. Now proceed to prepare the background.

how to install vinyl flooring sheet soorya carpets pertaining to lay a vinyl flooring How to Lay a Vinyl Flooring

The preparation of the base on which to apply the vinyl must be made using a plywood layer (the latter allows to create a smooth surface on which to lay the vinyl). We therefore provide to cut the plywood in order to adapt it to the room and place it in the room leaving it lying for at least 3 days (I recommend to use only a plywood suitable for vinyl). To install the substrate also it is not advisable to use screws and nails (I recommend to use about 15 staples of 2.2 cm for about 0.8 square meters of background). Now we can proceed to the actual laying of the vinyl.

how to install vinyl flooring how tos diy inside lay a vinyl flooring How to Lay a Vinyl Flooring

Keep in mind that the vinyl flooring in general can be chosen with the gluing or glue-free car. I highly recommend you use the first one, since it comes with glue in the back and can be glued easily. If you have chosen the model with glue then simply follow the instructions given by the manufacturer.

how to install vinyl plank flooring using double sided tape youtube intended for lay a vinyl flooring How to Lay a Vinyl Flooring

If instead you have chosen the model without glue, know that it is necessary to spread the glue all over the floor of the room, starting from the center of the same. Then take a toothed spatula and start to spread the gluing product, being careful not to get your hands dirty. At this point take a floor roller and with definite movements try to crush the tiles, so as to allow the perfect adhesion of the tile to the glue. The floor roller can easily be rented in a gardening item store.

how to lay vinyl tiles on top of old flooring flooring help with regard to lay a vinyl flooring How to Lay a Vinyl Flooring

Continue to lay the vinyl and follow the pattern above: spread the glue, attach the tiles and then pass over the roller. At the end I advise you to wait for the adhesive to dry completely (before putting the baseboards it is advisable to wait 24/30 hours).

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