How to Make a Mural at Home

Monday, May 1st 2017. | Home Design

Many people have a passion for drawing, expressing what they think or feel through this art form. Other times it can be a good way to add a touch of life and light at home or to colorize the rooms of the children with special designs or fairytale characters to create a calmer environment for their childhood: this is where comes in the mural. Here’s how to make a mural at home.

The first step is to choose the wall on which you want to draw to make sure it’s clean. Once this is done you need to brush a coat of white paint to create a surface and a perfect backdrop for the creation of the drawing. At the same time it is important to choose a wall without water, solid and well structured in such a way that the design is not altered over time.

how to make a mural how to do mural painting on wood

Before drawing on the wall is strongly recommended to create a draft of your design on a piece of paper so that you can modify or improve it even before you have “soiled” wall. This is very important because the fix during the implementation phase of the murals is discouraged because cleaning the wall might be compromised.

painting wall murals ideas

After the design phase we can go to the creation of the drawing on the wall white and clean. Using a pencil, preferably with a mine very heavy to define well the outlines, outline on the wall where you will be working. At this point you can start to create the outlines of the Bill respecting the project created earlier, using tools to create perfectly straight lines or curves well proportioned.

how to paint a mural outside

Once finished, before coloring, move away from the wall to get an overview of the design and evaluate any asymmetries or disproportionate silhouettes. If there are no errors you are forced to fix directly on the wall, so clean the affected area with a lot of care and attention so as not to smudge the other sections.

how to make diy mural for wall

At this point, once the design is complete, you can proceed to step of coloring. We recommend using acrylic paints, spray cans are for a more experienced hand and at best you can use to create points of shade or small nuances. The staining run is very delicate, you must have a delicate hand but at the same time decided to create a solid and well distributed on the wall and avoid any accumulations of color.

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