How to Match Doors and Parquet: Useful tips for a perfect home

Monday, March 5th 2018. | Home Design

How to match doors and parquet? If you have opted for parquet to coat the floors of the house here is some helpful advice on how to match it to the doors. The parquet gives all the rooms a warm and welcoming touch, the doors must reflect the style of the floor to make the interior coherent and harmonious. So here are the tips for a perfect home.

If you do not know how to match doors and parquet here are some tips for not making mistakes. After choosing the color of the parquet you will be able to decide that of the doors. To avoid the chromatic contrasts too strong that risk to make the environment excessive and of little taste. Play instead on the shades of the same color: in this way the environment will be simple but elegant. At a light grey parquet you can easily match the dark grey doors. Play on the difference of surfaces: rough and natural for the doors, shiny and smooth for the parquet. The effect is assured.

If you love the classic style you could combine doors and cherry-colored parquet. This type of wood will adapt easily to every furnishing style giving the environment a timeless charm. If you prefer rustic-style rooms do not delude choosing to combine doors and parquet walnut color, with veins and knots at sight. The lighter nuances will make the environment brighter, the darker ones are more elegant and refined.

If you love the contemporary style of furniture you can dare to combine doors and parquet. You could create a pleasant contrast between surfaces and colors, being always careful to have good taste. At a satin brown parquet you could combine black doors with glossy lacquer. The effect will be amazing.

How to match doors and parquet in a shabby chic style home? The white is definitely the color to prefer for both the doors and the floor. You can play otherwise on the shades of Grey or natural wood. Also for Nordic design you can decide to combine doors and parquet with light colors. As you will understand the general rule on how to match doors and floor is to choose similar colors playing rather on the choice of materials and surfaces. In the photo gallery you will find some ideas and cues from which to take inspiration for your home.