Minimal Bathrooms: So Many Sophisticated Design Samples

Sunday, May 21st 2017. | Bathroom

A conception of primary furnishing, elegant in its essence and sophisticated in abolishing any kind of decoration or complement not functional… We are naturally talking about the minimalist design to accompany you today to the discovery of minimal bathrooms that will captivate you for their pure beauty that is accomplished through the skilful art of subtraction.

We are going to provide you with many examples of furnishing minimal bathrooms with a sophisticated design that naturally go into the interior of homes that have chosen as the Prince style of your interior design that minimalist or ultra-modern.

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Furniture Ideas for Minimal Bathrooms

In the design of a minimal bathroom you will first need to orient yourself on the choice of primary colors for floors and tiles: The white remains the color par excellence of minimalism, to it is flanked by black and then switch to shades of grey or to the choice of precious materials such as marble or particular stones. Then abolish the bright colors inside the structural compartment to go to insert, if you wish, the slight nuances of pastel shades, perhaps on the subject of linen.

The elements that make up and give personality to a minimal bathroom will have to present a sophisticated design in their primary simplicity. As you may have guessed from the shots you are admiring, the ideal would be to install sanitary wares with a particular shape, for example rectangular or circular, to be combined perhaps with futuristic sinks or a countertop washbasin in stone or wood. Respecting precisely what we can define art of subtraction in the field of minimalist design will be precisely the essential elements to give character and charm to a minimal bathroom.

You can of course choose to equip your bathroom with a practical and large shower, choosing crystal walls with an almost imperceptible diaphanous appearance or, if you dare, you can choose to completely abolish the shower box taking inspiration from the spa. If you want to relax with a warm bath you will not be able to do without the tub which, again, will have to stand out by character and personality: perfect are for example the tubs with free installation from irregular shape, or small tubs with a modern design.

We now pass to analyze those that are the few and particular elements of decorum that can be inserted in a minimal bathroom without going to compromise the integrity of a style that presents the canons in certain respects decidedly rigid. Our advice is that, for example, to choose radiators or heating elements with special shapes, special radiators that simultaneously perform a practical and aesthetic work.

Very important in a minimal bathroom is the lighting system that will have to be designed in an accurate way, perhaps preferring to the recessed spotlights that direct the light at the chosen points, perfect are also mirrors with integrated light and, why not, also the use of LED elements that go for example to illuminate a shelf or a niche.

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