10 Modern Bathrooms with Zen Style Design

Monday, May 8th 2017. | Bathroom

Creating modern, elegant and refined bathrooms, it can be really simple thanks to the small tricks and an accurate choice of decorating, in particular today we will show you some beautiful modern bathrooms with a Zen style design that evoke the warm oriental atmosphere.

The 10 photos that we have selected specially for the occasion portray the truly surprising environments that, as if they took shape in perfect agreement with nature, constitute a place where to let go completely to relax and recharge their vital energy.

The sophisticated and dynamic design that characterizes this type of bathroom prefers the use of wood or materials capable of capturing the flow of time, the warm colors and the soft lights create a perfect in agreement with the insertion of plants and flowers of various kinds.

The minimalist furniture prefers clean and essential lines and comes in this case enriched by small aesthetic devices capable of creating unique atmospheres, a striking example can be the particular taps that generate a jet of water similar to a river that catapults into a waterfall.

If you want to create a bath with a perfect Asian style, almost to reproduce the magical thermal atmosphere, it is also possible to incorporate furnishing accessories such as Buddhist statues, bamboo canes, scented candles or decorative stones in the rooms, in short, inspired by the magic of ancient traditions, so that they arrive to marry a decidedly contemporary style.

Here are the photos of the 10 modern bathrooms with Zen style, with a truly suggestive and elegant design, which you can use as inspiration for the setting up of comfortable and cozy interiors within your home.

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