Modern Laundry Cabinets and Practical Storage Solutions

Tuesday, May 29th 2018. | Laundry Room

A comfortable laundry must provide comfort, convenience and be arranged in a practical way so that the activities save time. Optimizing space is essential and we’ll show you best laundry cabinets and ideas for archiving and organizing.

Modern Laundry cabinets: Keep your laundry clean and tidy

Laundry cabinets are essential for a well organized laundry. They will help you avoid a messy look and have a nice, comfortable look and functional space. Of course, in the laundry room, you can store different things you don’t want to be within reach of children. The wardrobes in the laundry are the ideal place to accommodate domestic chemicals, broom, scoop, broom, etc. The wall cupboards and shelves are the way to stay organized, regardless of whether you live in a large house or in a small urban apartment.

Choice of laundry cabinets-types and ideas

Usually, the laundry is located in a small room in the house or in the basement, sometimes it can be located in the garage and combine storage cupboards in the garage with laundry cabinets, sometimes, in small apartments, the laundry can be a part of kitchen space. In any case, the housewife needs a functional design of the laundry, so that the usual activities are not boring but pleasant. The interior of a laundry room is often similar to the interior and features of the kitchen laundry cabinets with countertops, wall cupboards, shelves, washer and dryer. The difference is that the cupboards in a laundry have a different purpose. Open cupboards and shelves provide room for baskets and clothes waiting to be washed. The upper cabinets are used for the preservation of detergents, detergents, air conditioners, removers, bleaches and other laundry detergents. All of these are best kept high, away from curious eyes and small children.

How to choose the color of laundry furniture

It is always a good idea to use light colors for the walls and wardrobes of the laundry. White makes space clean and spacious. The beige adds a touch of refinement and the pastel colors give the room an inviting atmosphere while the natural tones seem harmonious, elegant and chic. You’ll see modern laundry ideas that use contrasting colors, such as black cabinets or dark wood cabinets combined with lighter walls and floors. You can opt for a bright color for the walls: Red, orange, blue, which will be the ideal backdrop for white furniture and appliances.

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