Modern Style Bathroom Decor

Thursday, April 19th 2018. | Bathroom

Today there are so many choices for a modern style bathroom decor. From the most classic materials used in a particular and innovative way to the most modern ones for the realization of elements with a particular design and of great style.

Many and different forms: A bathtub with a classic style but reinterpreted for the modern style bathroom decor with a declared rectangular shape softened by rounded corners.

The tub love me fills with class and style the bathroom making it a new environment, all to enjoy in the smallest details.

Style and relaxation are confused to give moments of deserved rest to those who live these spaces.

The Modern Crystal bathtub

When the material becomes impalpable and invisible it is time to talk about the crystal.

Sense 1 by novices (pictured) is a modern bathtub of 200×78 cm size with an extra-clear laminated safety glass structure 12/14 mm with a crystal clear treatment.

This tank disappears almost allowing its discovery only through the important and pronounced profiles that characterize it.

A bathtub that accepts matter at its equal, transparent and limpid as you: water.

Immersing yourself in a transparent tub, in a transparent liquid, gives a new and totally unique feeling.

The novelty of this tub is that it does not occupy optically space and the perceived environment is implemented by its absence.

Modern bathtub: modern bathtub and wood

When we talk about wood in monolithic solution we talk about the most performance naturalness, we talk about matter, of forms, of design.

ALegna’s Laguna Basic is a modern bathtub that becomes an essential masterpiece in its form and simplicity.

It is produced with monolithic wood formed as a whole: soft lines and a stable form to contain the value of flowing water, which transpires in all its matter.

A bathtub studied from the ergonomic side from all points of view, for a limitless perfection for an endless pleasure.

The possibility is to tailor the bathtub to meet every need and dimensional need.

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