Modern Swimming Pool Design

Wednesday, May 23rd 2018. | Swimming Pools

Do you know the latest trends in modern design pools already? In today’s article we will show a selection of the most modern, futuristic and sophisticated swimming pool design.

We must bear in mind that these elements provide not only leisure and wellness to the inhabitants of the House, but in addition they add value.

Modern pool design

Today there are improved materials that ensure a long life to the pools of work, so we are going to list below some of the most sought after. Let’s start talking about concrete and its properties in the construction of swimming pools. First note that this material ensures a very long lifespan.

Custom designs of swimming pools

Also known is a very adaptable material, allowing the creation of designs custom in very different ways. Some developments that has managed to enter the concrete are underwater banks that allow you to soak up the Sun in the water, either specific edges or decorative rock elements.

Infinity pool overlooking

The following most requested material for the construction of swimming pools is the arena. There are already many seekers look natural in your garden, so they want to eliminate entire sample of rectilinear and modern architecture as characterized by the contemporary and minimalist styles of today’s landscape.

Modern architectural design with pool

However, as we can see in the images many designs share certain characteristics of a very modern and minimalist style consisting of straight lines and simple shapes with few ornaments. In some cases very efficiently have exploited the conditions of terrain and architecture, reserving some areas bordering home to pool.

Moroccan style with swimming pool design

But perhaps the most sought after models of pools are those of “infinite” pools that by being transparent just merging into the landscape. For these designs is very common the leveling of the ground in order to improve the views from the pool forming several steps or stands facing the vacuum.

Infinity pools for gardens with views of some models of infinity pools have an overflow which is part of the cycle of water, thus producing also Visual effects and sound very interesting. Some of the advantages offered by this type of swimming pools is that the water filtration occurs more efficiently and the distribution of chemical products ends up being more homogeneous.